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You may have visited Israel and thought you had the Holy Land pretty well covered and comprehended, but do you realize that half the New Testament books were written to Christians in modern-day Turkey?


Upon that land the Apostles paced and proclaimed the Good News, and there some of the earliest Christian communities took root and grew in the midst of the harshest harassment – even under the threat of death.  All three of Paul’s journeys took him through the land of Turkey, and upon that land a number of his biblical letters were penned.


Now with the St. Paul Cultural Center and its associates, you can visit these biblical sites with security and expertise.


No Turkish or American travel agency can offer you quite what we can:  tours designed and led by a seminary-trained American believer who has spent nearly thirty years in Turkey, learning the language and culture and getting to know the biblical sites. 

Isn't it time you visited fabulous biblical sites like Ephesus, the Pisidian and Syrian Antiochs, Roman roads upon which Paul walked, Cappadocia, Perga, and so many more?

It may very well be for you a trip to top all trips. If you would like to inquire regarding possibilities for a group tour, please contact us for more information.

Since we are not a travel agency, but work with Turkish partners, we only deal with group tours.  For help with tours for individuals please contact Tutku Tours and Sojourn Turkey Tours

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